Office, Lease, Požega, Centar

200,00 €

ID: 288-1
Office space: Požega, office, 60 m2 !!
Total area: 60,00 m²
Rooms: 2
Floors: fir

We rent a partially furnished office space on the first floor of an office building in Cehovska Street (entrance from Mesnička), a total of approxi...

Shop, Lease, Varaždin, Varaždin

1.334,00 €

ID: 283-1
Total area: 88,95 m²
Rooms: 1
Floors: gf

Street office space with a total area of 88.95 m2 is for rent.Business space consists of a hallway 1.65 m2, staircase 5 m2, office space 74.90 m2, ...

Store, Lease, Slavonski Brod, Slavonski Brod

600,00 €

ID: 258-1
Office space: Slavonski Brod, shop, 76 m2 !!
Total area: 75,95 m²
Rooms: 2
Floors: gf

Business space for rent in the center of Slavonski Brod, a total of 76 m2.The space is free from 20.06.2020.More information on request.SIGHTSEEI...

Shop, Lease, Varaždin, Varaždin

1.000,00 €

ID: 157-1
Office space: Varaždin, service activity, 78 m2!!
Total area: 78,00 m²
Rooms: 2
Floors: gf

Business space for rent in the city center, total area of ​​78 m2, frequent location.The business space is open, there is storage space and one bat...

Semi-detached house, Rent, Varaždin, Varaždin

1.000,00 €

ID: 145-1
Varaždin - Semi-detached house - rent
Total area: 136,00 m²
Rooms: 4
Floors: cel,gf,fir,lof

Family house for rent in the city center with a total living area of 350 m2, close to TTS.The house consists of basement, ground floor, first floor...

Office, Lease, Varaždin, Varaždin

672,00 €

ID: 142-1
Varaždin - Centar - Office - rent
Total area: 84,00 m²
Rooms: 2
Floors: thi

Business space on the 3rd floor which consists of a business room of 74.00 m2, a kitchenette of 2.00 m2, a toilet of 3.00 m2, and a balcony with a ...

Shop, Lease, Varaždin, Varaždin

530,00 €

ID: 118-1
OFFICE SPACE: Varaždin, street store, 72.80 m2 !!
Total area: 72,80 m²
Rooms: 1
Floors: gf

Commercial space for rent in the building, street shop, total area 72,80 m2.It consists of one room (open space) and a bathroom, the space offers t...

Production and storage space, Lease, Pleternica, Pleternica

3.000,00 €

ID: 95-1
Total area: 2.922,00 m²
Rooms: 6
Floors: cel,gf,fir,sec

GENERAL INFORMATION ON THE LOCATION OF THE STREET BUILDING AND THE HOUSE NUMBER: 52 E. Podubski street, PleternicaCadastral parcel number and nam...