Shop, Sale, Varaždin, Varaždin

66.000,00 €

ID: 303-1
STROGI CENTAR Office space: Varaždin, street store, 22.10 m2 !!
Total area: 22,10 m²
Rooms: 1
Floors: cel,gf

Business space for sale in the city center 22.10 m2 + basement 22 m2.It consists of one room, bathroom and shop window.It is located in a busy loca...

Store, Sale, Slavonski Brod, Slavonski Brod

130.000,00 €

ID: 257-1
Office space: Slavonski Brod, shop, 76 m2 !!
Total area: 75,95 m²
Rooms: 2
Floors: gf

Business space for sale in the center of Slavonski Brod, a total of 76 m2.More information on request.SIGHTSEEING THE PROPERTY IS POSSIBLE BY A...

Hall, Sale, Lipik, Lipik

366.500,00 €

ID: 160-1
Total area: 609,00 m²
Rooms: 11
Floors: gf,hgf,fir

Business space for sale with a total area of ​​718 m2, consisting of ground floor, mezzanine and first floor.Room square footage;1. Ground floor - ...

Shop, Sale, Varaždin, Varaždin

95.000,00 €

ID: 119-1
OFFICE SPACE: Varaždin, street store, 72.80 m2 !!
Total area: 72,80 m²
Rooms: 1
Floors: gf

Commercial property for sale in the building, street shop, total area 72,80 m2.It consists of one room (open space) and a bathroom, the space offer...