Detached house, Sale, Trnovec Bartolovečki, Zamlaka

22.000,00 €

ID: 244-1
HOUSE: Zamlaka, ground floor, 60 m2 + Mr. building and arable land !!
Total area: 60,00 m²
Rooms: 2
Floors: cel,gf

House for sale in Zamlaka, a total of approximately 60 m2 of living space.The house consists of a basement and a ground floor.Basement - two roomsG...

Detached house, Sale, Gornji Kneginec, Varaždin Breg
Reduced price

28.000,00 €

30.000,00 €
ID: 471-1
Gornji Kneginec - Varaždin Breg - Detached house - sale
Total area: 70,00 m²
Rooms: 2
Floors: cel,gf,lof


Detached house, Sale, Varaždin, Varaždin

130.000,00 €

ID: 78-1
CENTER, House: Varaždin, high ground floor, 140 m2!!
Total area: 140,00 m²
Rooms: 4
Floors: gf,lof

FIRST ROW TO THE SEA apartment house.The ground floor has its own separate entrance to the yard and the apartment. It also has its own separate cou...

Detached house, Sale, Varaždin - Okolica, Poljana Biškupečka

60.000,00 €

ID: 411-1
House: Poljana Biškupečka, high ground floor, 138.00 m2 !!
Total area: 138,00 m²
Rooms: 3
Floors: cel,hgf,lof

A house of 138 m2 for sale together with a garden of 1037 m2, on a plot of 1175 m2.The house consists of a basement, high ground floor, attic.On th...

Detached house, Sale, Nedelišće, Gornji Kuršanec

90.000,00 €

ID: 418-1
REDUCED !! Family House: GORNJI KURŠANEC, high ground floor 166 m2!!
Total area: 166,00 m²
Rooms: 3
Floors: gf,lof

A high ground floor house for sale in Gornji Kuršanec with a total living space of 166 m2 and a 3000 m2 garden.The house consists of a hallway, kit...

Detached house, Sale, Varaždin, Varaždin
Reduced price

155.000,00 €

175.000,00 €
ID: 206-1
CENTER!! TWO HOUSES: VARAŽDIN, high ground floor 338 m2 !!
Total area: 338,00 m²
Rooms: 10
Floors: gf,lof

For sale are two houses in the city center, a total of 544 m2. The first house consists of 4 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom while in the yard there is...

Detached house, Sale, Sveti Ilija, Krušljevec

98.500,00 €

ID: 392-1
House: Žigrovec, high ground floor, 103 m2 + office building 121 m2 !!
Total area: 103,00 m²
Rooms: 3
Floors: cel,gf,lof

A high ground floor house with a business building (workshop) in Žigrovac is for sale. The house consists of a ground floor where there is a hallwa...

Detached house, Sale, Sveti Ilija, Tomaševec Biškupečki

125.000,00 €

ID: 487-1
Sveti Ilija - Tomaševec Biškupečki - Detached house - sale
Total area: 124,00 m²
Rooms: 4
Floors: cel,gf


Detached house, Sale, Varaždin, Varaždin

160.000,00 €

ID: 243-1
NEAR VI. OŠ OBITELJSKA House: Varaždin, house, 212 m2 !!
Total area: 212,00 m²
Rooms: 6
Floors: cel,gf,fir

A family house for sale near the primary school, a total of 212 m2 of living space, and 634 m2 of garden, a total of 846 m2.The house consists of a...