House with apartments, Sale, Novalja, Novalja

550.000,00 €

ID: 147-1
REDUCED !! APARTMENT House: Novalja, house, 513 m2 !!
Total area: 222,00 m²
Rooms: 13
Floors: bas,gf,fir

Beautiful villa consisting of 3 floors with 6 APARTMENTS, ie basement which has 156.10m2 where there are 3 bedrooms with bathrooms and kitchen with...

Detached house, Sale, Trnovec Bartolovečki, Žabnik

55.000,00 €

ID: 141-1
GROUND FLOOR House + 2 BUILDING LAND: Žabnik, 81.00 m2 !!
Total area: 81,00 m²
Rooms: 4
Floors: gf

A small family house for sale in Žabnik, 81 m2, with outbuildings.The house consists of an entrance hall, three bedrooms, bathroom (bathtub), basem...

Detached house, Sale, Sveti križ začretje, Sveti Križ Začretje

350.000,00 €

ID: 136-1
Sveti križ začretje - Detached house - sale
Total area: 500,00 m²
Rooms: 19
Floors: hgf

House for sale in the center of the Holy Cross Začretje (cultural monument), a total of 500 m2 of living space.The house was completely renovated i...

Stone house, Sale, Ližnjan, Šišan

80.000,00 €

ID: 127-1
House: Šišan, multi-storey, 160.00 m2 !!
Total area: 160,00 m²
Rooms: 5
Floors: gf,fir,lof

A stone house for sale in Šišan of 160 m2 on three floors on a plot of 187 m2.The roof of the house has collapsed and is a house for ...

Detached house, Sale, Trnovec Bartolovečki, Žabnik

42.000,00 €

ID: 122-1
HOUSE: Žabnik, ground floor, approx. 75.00 m2!!
Total area: 75,00 m²
Rooms: 3
Floors: gf

House for sale of approx. 75 m2 together with a yard and ancillary outbuildings on a plot of 1210 m2. The house has 3 rooms, one of which is a bedr...

One-storey house, Sale, Gornji Kneginec, Gornji Kneginec

21.000,00 €

ID: 115-1
HOUSE AND LAND: Gornji Kneginec, ground floor, 140.00 m2!!
Total area: 140,00 m²
Rooms: 1
Floors: cel,gf

An old house with a large garden and land in G. Kneginec for sale, all the total plot area is 4385 m2.The house is for demolition, but has electric...

Detached house, Sale, Nedelišće, Gornji Kuršanec

80.000,00 €

ID: 102-1
HOUSE: GORNJI KURŠANEC, house, 238.00 m2 !!
Total area: 238,00 m²
Rooms: 5
Floors: gf,lof

For sale is a house of 238 m2 on a plot of 868 m2, together with the attached yard.The ground floor consists of an outdoor staircase, covered ter...

House with apartments, Sale, Jasenice, Rovanjska

738.000,00 €

ID: 86-1
FIRST ROW TO THE SEA - APARTMENT HOUSE: Rovanjska, 398.00 m2!!
Total area: 398,00 m²
Rooms: 15
Floors: cel,gf,fir

FIRST ROW TO THE SEA apartment house.The ground floor has its own separate entrance to the yard and the apartment. It also has its own separate cou...

Family house, Sale, Varaždin, Varaždin

105.000,00 €

ID: 42-1
NEAR THE HOSPITAL, CENTER House: Varaždin, house, 156.00 m2!!
Total area: 78,00 m²
Rooms: 5
Floors: cel,gf,fir,lof

House for sale, on a plot of 439 m2.The house consists of basement, ground floor, first floor and attic.House floor plan 78 m2, yard 339 m2, outbui...